The best of Sónar 2018

The best of Sónar 2018

Summer is a busy time in Barcelona – even before it starts! June is still officially a spring month, but those who live in...
Lo mejor del Primavera Sound 2018

The best of Primavera Sound 2018

Spring is here, and, with the good weather, all outdoors music events come to Barcelona. You may be quite busy among all the Brunch...
Sant Medir in Gràcia

Sant Medir in Gràcia

As you probably know, every neighbourhood in Barcelona celebrates its own week of festivities along the year, and Gràcia’s are probably the most famous...
Iranian and French films in Barcelona

Iranian and French films in Barcelona

One of the best things about Barcelona is its wide and incredibly rich cultural offer. Art, music and cinema are some of the city’s...
International grocery stores in Barcelona - Gowithoh

The best international grocery stores in Barcelona

Barcelona is an exciting city, and a wonderful place to live: there is seashore and mountain; it is well communicated, there are tons of...
Gaudis best buildings in Barcelona - Gowithoh

Visit the best Gaudí Buildings in Barcelona

There is something very special about Barcelona: most people who visit it fall instantly in love with it. It has a special charm, and...

GOCAR – A Personal 3-Wheeled Guide to Barcelona

Unlike the usual type of tour, GoCar gives you complete freedom over where you go and how how long you spend in any given point. The cars even have a personality and a sense of humor, telling stories that will bring Barcelona to life while offering clear driving directions.